THIS IS HUGE – 1st Video CANON 5D MARK II – Ice Storm

Pinned on October 14, 2012 at 10:13 pm by Raymond Dubois

THIS IS HUGE – 1st Video CANON 5D MARK II – Ice Storm

I know. Everything about the way that I’ve done this is wrong. There’s no high production value to make the footage look clean and crisp. No tripod so it probably looks like video your dad might have shot in the late 80s during your family vacation. No sponsors to thank for storage, hosting and promotion–besides Canon for making a super sweet camera (although, I did pay them for that). No throngs of viewers ready to crash servers with their incessant viewing of a highly anticipated "Game Changer" for the photo industry. (You get the point. I’m not a pro–and this first video certainly wasn’t storyboarded or pre-conceived.)

What is true: I have this camera in my hands. The technology has moved from the hands of a select few to those of a lucky (relative) many.

And the experience is of the youtube guy dancing in his basement sort–no REVERIES here. What will be interesting in the coming months, is the effect that Mark II will have on me, and a multitude of others just like–new photographers with a bit of access and a lot of dreams of grandeur.

More on my serendipitous path to the Mark II coming…


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haha, that’s a great description.
btw, the focus on the car is cool. 🙂

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